December 10th, 2009


Obama Justice Dept. Should Proscecute the Shit Out Of the Bush Administration

When Obama was inaugurated, there was a general consensus both in his administration and with the country at large, that it would be, at best, a distraction to investigate and possibly proscecute the previous administration. A lot of people just wanted to move on, and focus on solving the problems at hand.

But I am beginning to think that was a mistake, for one very large reason: Those same lying, corrupt shitheads who were fucking us for eight long years are now spending their time trying to derail any positive changes the new Administration and Congress are attempting to put in place. Dick Cheney pops up every couple weeks to snipe at the Obama administration.

See, if he was held accountable for all the evil things he did as Vice President, he wouldn’t have any time to criticize the President — he’d have his hands full trying to avoid ass rape from his cell mate.

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