January 1st, 2010


New Year Day Miscellaneous


From the Youtube description: “Family Stand comprises of Peter Lord, Jefferey Smith, and the amazing Sandra St. Victor. The song Ghetto Heaven was huge hit on the R&B charts back in 1990 and the hook was later used by Common in 2001 for a song of the same title.”

Common was doing some second generation sampling — all the breaks in the original are sampled, and then layered with live drums, and James Brown is clearly audible — from I think the Lynn Collins “Think” break.

Marc Mac (4Hero) “Dirty Old Soul Crates” DJ Mix — suweet.

The thing about live music is that if you miss it — it’s gone. Saw Hott, Illinois John Fever, and Liberty Leg last night for NYE. Hott is Ed Nehring (straight edge punk from way back in the day, free improv legend), Kylie Buddin (also old school Iowa City punk rock, long time United Action For Youth studio dude) and other local legends. The joke is that anyone can play punk rock, but Hott is like seeing the Clash on their best day in 1978. Completely brilliant, fresh, and well, storming fucking hott. IJF is two guys playing slide guitar with a drummer (Bob Hall, another OG IC punk rocker), so it’s pretty much Delta Blues, but I swear at times they sounded like a Moodyman record. Liberty Leg is drums, guitar and vocalist doing stripped down roots rock, with a singer who’s almost operatic. Every time Liberty Leg plays, Ethan sings like it’s the last show he’ll ever play.

IJF and Liberty Leg both have new CDs out, worth checking out. Hott is…well I’m bugging them to record, but Ed Nehring is about the experience, not recording, so we’ll see if they come out with anything. Their myspace page is as blank as it could be.

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