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Brand identity

We think we live in a world of things that are verifiably true, and that the scientific method, mathematics, and logic should govern our actions, and inform our perceptions. Well 'we' meaning "I" and 'think' meaning "hope, probably in vain" but never mind...

But a major part of our consciousness is taken up with beliefs that are unprovable -- in other words faith. And faith gets reinforced by symbols. Symbols -- completely abstract geometric constructs can make people do things, because they represent things we hope are true. But leaving that aside, there's a distinct pleasure to be had in the aesthetic pleasure a well designed symbol can give us.

My favorite? The Mogen David. It's clean, visually involving without being overly complex.

Another heavy hitter: The cross! What could be simpler, or on another level, more gruesome?

As a symbol of evil, so potent that even putting it in the same LJ entry as the Mogen David is a little disturbing: The Swastika. BTW if you view this image full size, it's amazingly creepy.

The Pentagram, symbol of White Witchcraft, and twee British folk-rock. Inverted, it is a satanic symbol.

The Nike Swoosh, also regarded by some as a satanic symbol:

Ditto for Les Arcs D'or:

But what got me onto this idea was catching a bit of an interview with the metal band H.I.M. on MTV this morning. Their Logo is awesome: THE HEARTAGRAM:
[Image removed because the assclowns of Myspace.com are using it on their pages]

It combines the Satanic Pentangram with a Heart. So you've got Evil and Love all rolled up into one. Since we're talking Metal, that's "Evil" not Evil. Evil is the Rwandan Genocide, or Darfur. "Evil" is Ozzy, who, once you've seen him cleaning up dog poop left by his pug, seems about as evil as baby powder. What was great about the H.I.M. interview was the lead singer's description of the Heartangle: "It's like a Yin Yang, for kids who grew up after the 60's. It's a symbol of the duality between .... hamburgers and Coca Cola."

Good ol Coca Cola...

And, lest we forget, my own contribution:
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