Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

studio sound geekery

So in my last entry I was talking about the Sonic Impact T-Amp, which had the audiophiles all a-twitter last year. Today I was experimenting with the Bose 161s and the T-Amp versus my Alesis Monitor Ones. Of course the Monitor Ones have better bass extension, and clearer mid-to-highs, but there's something good about how the Bose+T-Amp sounds in comparison too -- the mid-range&highs is more forward, and while it sounds edgier than the Monitor Ones, it seems to have better detail.

So then, I took the Sub/Amp unit from a Klipsch surround set I've never really done much with and hooked it up to use with the Bose/T-Amp combo, and if I tune the relative volumes of the sub and the bose, it starts sounding pretty awesome. The sub in combination with the Monitor Ones is another good combination, because the sub has that 30-60HZ octave that the M1s don't.

At any rate it's always good to have a second system to check mixes on.
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