Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Something new


Super rough mix of something for my brother's movie The Pink House.
It actually is a remix of a 20's jazz piece my mom did for
the movie.

If anyone cares -- done in Acid4 with Reaktor 4 running most
of the percussion. The samples of the original arrangement get
the Metaflanger treatment.

Thinking of adding some guitar, and maybe doubling some of the implied
bassline with bass or synth.

This was giving me problems because of the pronounced swing in the original which was done with live musicians. the 2 and 4 beats hit
late, and all the even 8th notes are swug out almost to the next 16th
note. Sometimes it just sounded wrong and I'd have to go in and rearrange
note by note, but mostly it seems to add up now.

I run some of the percussion thru one of the new Reaktor4 multiband limiter
instruments, which has a nice raw sound, where you can independently
saturate each band. It's kind of the opposite of transparent -- it's
pretty rude and the way I set it up it distorts everything. I used
their spring reverb simulation on the clap; this sound pretty good, but
I may wire up the real spring reverb and see if I like it better.
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