Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Ghana 2 US 1becaus

I stayed home from work today to watch the US vs Ghana World Cup game. I am a fan, sort of, of the US team, not because of any "USA! USA!" rah rah bullshit, but because they aren't very good, and yet stayed in for 3 games. Ghana definitely outplayed them, but the US had a bunch of shots on goal that could have tied it up or put them on top.

And the US uniforms are good, because they don't have big fucking candy colored flags all over them. The Logo says "US" but the soccer ball is in front of it, like it's more important than the country when it comes to football.

Worst bullshit of World Cup: Holland fans being barred from a game because their orange pants had a beer logo on them, and Bud Light -- the official beer of the world cup -- had a 'no other logos' clause in their sponsorship contract. The Dutch fans, bless their hearts, took off their pants and watched the game in their underwear.

Now here's what I don't get: You pay millions of dollars to sponsor the world cup, which takes place in Germany. But Germans wouldn't water their lawns with Bud Light. I think it sucks and I'm used to American beer.

On my son Sean's recommendation, I had a Weihenstephan HefeWeissBier at the end of the USA/Ghana game. Supposedly best HefeWeiss in the world, from what (they claim) the oldest brewery in the world. I liked it a lot: hints of fruit, sweet and fresh. Geschmeckt mir gut und Gemuetlich! Since I got 4 bottles at Dirty John's I got a Weihenstephan beer stein. It would have ruled if they'd had a Hefeweiss glass, but I like the stein too.
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