Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

interview with a chinstroker

> 1. Please tell us your artistic background and what lead you to it?
Started 'Cello when I was 7. Taught myself guitar when I was in Junior High. Music major for two years. Played guitar and sang badly in public a few times. About ten years ago realized that computers have the sense of rhythm I lacked, and started using them to make music, along with various keyboards, drum machines and modules. Started playing with virtual instruments when they first came round. Now mostly computer based.

Music I like: Mahler, Bach, Beach Boys, Beatles, Weather Report, Wendy Carlos, Tigerbeat6 stuff, Stuntrock, Herbert, all the M3rck crew, Phoenecia, Thelonius Monk, Astrud Gilberto, Moodyman, Carl Craig.

> 2. What/who are your main sources of inspiration, both as a person and
> creatively?

The sense of adventure that comes with screwing around with things. Little melodies that pop in my head when I walk the dog.

> 3. The future of electronic music. Where do you see it going?

All music except live, unamplified, acoustic music is electronic now. We've completely subsumed all forms of recorded music into being an artificial digital construct made synthetically on computers. A while back my mom sent me studio recordings of a string quartet she wrote on DAT. I edited the piece together from about 40 separate takes digitally, retuned certain sour notes, and put it through digital multiband compression. Is that still a string quartet?

As for the future, I see a new sort of folk music arising from people buying or stealing software and screwing around with it. Pretty much any 8th grader with a few afternoons and a good ear can make a decent techno track.

The really subversive thing to do now is to learn acoustic instruments and play them for other people without sound reinforcement. Do it in the dark by candle light. Turn your back on the entire global corporate industrial complex necessary to facilitate digital music making.

> 4. Do you dance?
Sure. I like straight up house and techno -- the kind all the IDM nerds turn up their noses at. Nothing better than a track that is perfectly tuned and tweaked to make people dance.

> 5. What do you make of MP3 DJ's and the other alternatives to vinyl?

By any means necessary. I don't care how someone does it as long as they're making the connection with the people on the dance floor.

I love playing vinyl. I also love DJ'ing from CDRs with my old Denon Dual CD changer. I've not warmed up to djing on the PC yet because I haven't found an application that has as good an intuitive feel as vinyl or the Denons. Final Scratch, maybe, but my eyes aren't so good and I hate staring at a laptop screen when I'm DJing. I can rock the Denons or 1200s in complete dark, by sense of touch.

> 6. Who would you like to collaborate with and why?
Pretty much anyone with some stamina for long sessions and a sense of adventure. I really like finding people that play instruments who can come in with nothing in particular in mind, putting a beat in their headphones, and seeing what they play. The guy I most want to record with is this guy in Iowa City named Scotty Hayward. He's this 50-year old White Rasta who has been playing the Kalimba and Mbira for 30 years.

> 7. What are you doing tomorrow?
Putting on a show with Greg Davis, E*Rock and Lullatone, and this guy from Omaha who calls himself Das Torpedos. I only found one MP3 on the web by Das Torpedos and it sounded like 3 minutes of pink noise run through a lowpass filter.

> 8. Interests outside of music?
Family. Software Engineering. Peace work. Dogs. Food.

> 9. Salad and fruit juice or beer and chips?
Damn I want all 4.

> 10. Ideally, what would you be doing ten years from now?
Alive, Healthy, and making music full time.
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