Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Boring bad old internets

Since I seized on the 'google personalized home page' as a way to keep the stuff I like to read and look at in one place, my web-pillaging has gotten so efficient that I can 'do' the internet in about an hour, e-mail included. The sites I look at a lot -- (boing boing, talking points memo, wonkette, idolator, gawker) pretty much take weekends off.

What's the site/blog/whatever, of those you like best, that is most likely something I'm not reading?

And while I'm on the subject... is it my imagination that Google News makes the world seem way less interesting than it actually is?

Since people report on their doings and such here is my x-giving weekend: Thursday -- to the Amanas for a meal with Melissa's family. The company was gemütlich, but the service was laughably bad, and the food wasn't up to their usual standards. To top it off, Melissa's Mom's Husband's grandchild* M- -- the 'problem child' came to dinner apparently tweaked to the gills on meth.

Friday, we made a proper X-giving meal at home, which was more to my liking, though by the time I'd been cooking all day, I wasn't very hungry for dinner. Went to "For Yourr Consideration," which I laughed at pretty much all the way through. Catherine O'Hara was brilliant -- she can be funny and put across 4 different emotions at once. Anyone who cares about capital-A acting needs to watch her performance in this movie, which comes on top of 30 years of comic brilliance.

Saturday I tried to work on music for a while, and then tackled my bête noire of household projects -- the downstairs toilet. I've pulled it up about five times over the year -- back in the day the kids flushed things like whole apples and hotwheel cars, with disastrous results. The current problem was the bolts that hold the toilet down rusted so the toilet wasn't held down with anything, and the wax seal eventually started leaking. I won't go into how gross it was, but I did have to wash all my clothes and take a shower afterwards. Plus those fucking wax seals are nearly as disgusting to handle as feces, and much harder to wash off.

Then I made some bean soup, and went to "The Fountain," which I enjoyed, though I think the actors were given short shrift -- the story was kinda lame, and all Hugh Jackman did was look sad, then angry, then sad and angry, with a bit of shaved head bereft thrown in. When he got really frustrated, he'd knock over a lamp, and I kept hoping the blades would shoot out of his hands. But I loved the music, the cinematography, the editing, and the fx, which may be the most beautiful things I've seen in cinema in a long time.

Today I did as close to nothing as I could. Read a book. Ate. Napped. Nothing is good some times...

*Melissa's parents were divorced in the late 70s and her mom remarried a few years ago to a man who was part of her (and my parents') social circle, and the 'blended family' thing has been pretty oil and vinegar. We like Charlie fine, but his kids are kind of horrible, and _their_ kids seem to be pretty much lost souls...
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