Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Nepotistic Music Post

Lucas played at the band show at City High tonight. It's a concert where bands are chosen on the basis of demos, and they each get to do a short set. Lucas played in two bands. The first one was We Are All Tarantulas, a 5 piece with 2 guitars, drums, bass, and Lucas on violin and MicroKorg. I was rather blown away -- they played 3 long songs which were in the vein of Sigur Ros or Flying Saucer Attack -- long instrumentals based around simple chord progressions with Lucas wailing away on violin through a Fender Pro Reverb. It was better than a lot of touring bands I see, especially for being put together in the past month. Kiley, the guy running sound (from United Action For Youth, which has offered a free recording studio to kids for over a decade) said he wanted them to get in and record ASAP.

The second band Hot Johnson, was Lucas, the rhythm section from another high school band Harvey, and his friend Walker doing goofy, but not indefensible, rapping over the top of it. The highlight was their cover of "Eye Know" by De La Soul, which is a song I know Lucas heard a hundred times in his car seat as a toddler, riding around with me.

Lucas continues to impress me with the level of musicianship, and the ease with which he slips easily into whatever he tries. We took him to piano lessons when he was a kid, something he wasn't particularly enthusiastic about. Then, a few years later he's taught himself to play better than I ever managed. He passed me in guitar skills about a year after picking it up. In all my trying to be a musician, and working shows, I've noticed there are people to whom playing comes absolutely naturally, and those for whom it's always a struggle. Lucas is one of those ones who can pick up and play anything. Other than driving him to 750 violin lessons and yelling at him to practice, I can lay claim to none of what he's able to do -- it's all him.

The best thing about having children is seeing them finding their talents and going beyond whatever you've been able to teach them. I did the driving and cooking and kept the lights on, which isn't insignificant, but at a certain point they engage the world in their own way, and surprise the hell out of you.

With both Sean and Lucas they've been pleasant surprises, and I know that isn't always the case, so I feel really lucky.

On a more technical note, to amplify the violin Lucas looked around for a violin pickup, without a lot of luck. So he dug out a contact microphone he picked up for his banjo or something, and anchored it under the fingerboard with a rubber band. It sounded as good as I've ever heard stage violin. Cool trick. Oh, I can claim credit for one thing -- I save the rubber bands off bunches of broccoli and stuff them in a bowl by the kitchen sink, and that was where he got the rubber band.
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