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So that was my marathon -- friends of mine were putting on the second annual "What a Load of Craft" show at the Picador, and it started around 5, with music starting at six. I was there from about 6:15 until 1:30 am. Great music, awesome artwork. I was particularly fond of Grace from Petit Mal's quilts that featured razor blades and brass knuckles, and White Rabbit's handgun onesies.

The music was, like Iowa City, all over the damn map from the cheap-keyboard pounding Moist Ladies from Moline, to the awesome teenpunk of all-girl Lipstick Homicide (I'd link but their myspace page is apparently hijacked by a sketchy ad page), to the nerdly Punk/New Wave/Kraut Rock of East Side Guys, to the damaged brilliance of Ed Gray whose set included both a delicately rendered country waltz and a final 15 minute feedback freakout with bassman-for-the-night Sam Locke Ward.

The reason for all the myspace links is that the 'scene' networking any more all happens on myspace, even though everyone basically hates the website. After all the hoo hah about social networking starting five or six years ago, it's ironic that the definitive site, that succeeded where friendster and others did not, is probably the sketchiest and worst implemented site of the lot. I know a lot of people in bands who are obsessed with myspace, because, as someone said last night,"it's almost as good as having someone actually pay attention to you." Hate it or not, if you don't have a Myspace page, you're not on the map. Conversely, some people have managed to go from no visibility or industry contacts (and in some case, no discernable talent) to something almost like a successful career, just on the basis of MySpace.

Is it possible that someone could now do MySpace right, or has the window of opportunity closed. Are we stuck with the browser-crashing, endless-hourglass-cursor-inducing, eye-murdering Myspace? I would so love to see it turned into the Geocities of the new milleneum, because the sort of craptastic web design and intrusive advertising that made Geocities irrelevant is MySpace all over again.
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