Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!


A few things:

http://www.cornwarning.com/botb -- Lucas's band "We're All Tarantulas" was in a local Battle Of The Bands. There are sets from 2 other bands there as well, and the retarded judges giving their notes. "We're All Tarantulas" is kind of in the Sigur Ros/Tortoise/Mathrock vein, and the judge said he thought they should add vocals. The crowd booed. God bless the kids.

I am home today with some sort of intestinal distress, that woke me up to run to the bathroom all night long every 45 minutes. To say more than that would be indelicate, but to go all night long without properly getting to sleep is pretty awful.

Since I'm at home I got to catch "Democracy Now" on cable, so I'm well up on my progressive politics. Contrast and compare Amy Goodman with Jerry Springer, whose show today was titled "I'm Happy I Cut My Legs Off." And it's not just some guy who went nuts with the SawsAll, it's a transexual guy who went nuts with a SawsAll.

On a happier, and more cultural note: If you haven't seen Jean De Florette/Manon Des Sources and think you'd like a slow, depressing story of covetousness and betrayal, photographed beautifully in Provence, then you're in for a treat. Gerard Depardieu as a sweetly clueless hunchback trying to go back to the land, Yves Montand as a spry old bastard, Daniel Auteuil as the clueless carnation farmer. And in the second half Emmanuelle Béart as the vengeful goat herd Manon, well all I can say is Wa Wa Wee Wow!
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