Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Muziq "Bilious Paths"

I bought this, pretty much because I buy nearly everthing he does. Call me a sucker. There was a time -- 10 years ago now? -- when Mike Paradinas was doing something that felt like the soundtrack of the moment. Now that his bag of tricks has been subsumed into the cliches of popular electronic music* only two things really matter about his music: 1) Is it something I want to listen to? 2) Has he come up with any new tricks?

Answer to 1) Yes, maybe not every track, but a couple are really sweet. 2) No, he's maybe into the whole hardcore sound more than on, say, "Royal Astronomy" but there are a busload of people doing things along that line, many of whom he has signed to his Planet mu label.

In general the tracks are what he's been doing all along -- little melodic songlets dressed up in a bunch of harsh percussion. If you strip off the percussion on tracks like 'Meinheld' and 'Siege of Antioch' and replace it with less frantic percussion, they'd fit right in on any of his albums going back to Tango N Vectif.

'On/Off' is good fun, though -- the Ween-Covering-Prince vocals from Mike Dykehouse are pretty cool. "Mouse Bums" is nicely spooky and intricately textured. 'Fall of Antioch' -- a 2 minute track -- is perhaps my favorite, because its NOT a 'mental beat mash-up' like the rest of the tracks -- the next track "My Mengegus" is really a continuation of 'Antioch' with a nice bouncy beat, and is something I'd listen to more than once.

My biggest complaint here is the overall sound of the album, which is really harsh in the high mids, and scooped out in the low mids. Makes me want to rip it and run it through a de-esser and EQ ...

Of some geek-interest, the names that CDDB has for the tracks here don't match the track listing on the cover, and the track titles all look like Windows/DOS file names e.g."JohnnyMaastrichtedit3.aif"
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