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Lupe Fiasco [Sep. 28th, 2007|09:04 am]
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!
They posted this to Idolator, to make fun of the video. But I'm liking the analog beat, and Lupe gets off some nice lines. Extra points for the mythological references: "I'm flying on Pegasus you flying on a pheasant", "I'm a West Side Poseidon" and almost feminist references to "foreplay-less sexists."

Not all of his verses are as successful -- the first part "I'm fearless, now hear this, I'm earless, and I'm peerless, that means I'm eyeless, which means I'm tearless, which means my iris resides where my ears is ..." good concept, nice internal rhyme (eyeless/iris), but rhyming 'tearless' with 'ears is?' Ummm... and all those "which means" and "that means" are pretty awkward, too.

He gets better as he goes along, but he's being paid really well, he should maybe spend some more time editing. Maybe he'll grow up into a great MC eventually.


[User Picture]From: chang3002
2007-09-29 02:45 am (UTC)
My first thought watching the video was "Oh my god! MC's still wear varsity jackets? Holy Shit!"

The beat is good. How come no one was doing hip hop to beats like this in the 80's when I was super cool? I do like how he messes around the beat abit in his cadence.

God, the n-word just kills it for me. I hear too much of that and my ears shut off.
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