Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!


Heh. Now that I'm down with the University (rockin Corporate Windows XP yo), I'm installing XP on my oldest and slowest home computer, a 466 Celeron. It does have 1/2 gigabyte of memory so I don't think it will be THAT much slower than ME. I just know ME has got to go. Plus, XP seems twice as fast as soon as you turn off all the eyewash bullshit...

XP really seems to be the Windows That Just Works. In my humble experience.

It will be the end of the line for my Turtle Beach Pinnacle card which will go on E-Bay. Too bad -- it still sounds good enough for all but the most demanding applications. Then I'll have to shuffle some shit around -- put the Echo Mia in the PIII desktop, maybe stick the USB Audio thingie on the 466.

I should probably decommission the slowest computer but it has been continuously in service since like 1997? 1998? and it's very reliable, and it's still fast enough for casual usage. Strange as it may seem I often am doing things on all 3 computers at once. All 3 have CD burners, so I can crank out a buttload of disks in an hour, or I can leave one encoding MP3s in batch mode, read mail on another, and download stuff from the newsgroups on a 3rd...

Anyway, the XP install seems to be progressing in some sort of geological timeframe.
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