Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

I'm voting for Tina Fey

This morning on NPR they had a group of emminent women talking about whether Clinton is losing because she was a woman. Ellen Goodman, Geraldine Ferraro etc.

All of the women talked about how many times Clinton is being attacked in a sexist manner. I have no doubt that happens, but I don't think that's why she is losing.

She is losing because she ran an awful campaign. Frank Rich gives a number of details I wasn't aware of, but I also have some more direct intelligence of this:

My son Sean worked before the Iowa Caucus for Obama. His girlfriend worked for Clinton, for about a week. She left because the paid staff were arrogant and rude. She left after getting yelled at for saying "It wouldn't be so bad if Obama won," and volunteered for Obama thereafter.

Sean talked to the staff at the Cattle Congress in Amana, a venue where both Obama and Clinton appeared. The Cattle Congress people said that the Clinton people had been so awful to them, and the Obama people so pleasant and professional, that they were all supporting Obama in the Caucus.

If you look at the people running Clinton campaigns, they seem to think that the way to win is to be Karl Rove. They're never afraid to cram talking points down everyone's throats, no matter whether they're accurate or true. As has been said repeatedly by many people, they treat the news media like shit, and then whine about not getting more favorable coverage.

And Obama has out-organized Clinton everywhere. And while Obama may have some assholes working for him, but I've never met them or heard about them. Everyone I have met that works for the campaign have been nice people. Obama spent less than Clinton spent before the Iowa Caucuses, and yet Obama beat Clinton. I believe that Obama's win came down to his superior ground organization, which was in every county and nearly every precinct. Clinton's presence was much spottier.

So Clinton might try and blame her loss on the Media, or sexism, or whatever, but I think her problems are closer to home than that. Whatever her skills or convictions, she just plain did a shitful job with her campaign, and at this point her attacks on Obama are so pathetic and transparently desperate that they're not even touching him.
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