Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!


Hillary Is A Monster

The resulting kerfuffle is interesting. Obama disowned the remarks, Clinton called for Samantha Power's resignation from the Obama campaign. But didn't she just blurt out what everyone was thinking anyway?

I don't think Hillary is a monster in every circumstance -- get her alone and have a cup of coffee, I'm sure she is as nice a person you could expect to find in politics. But Hillary, the candidate, is indeed a total fucking monster. She and Bill will stop at nothing to win ugly.

And I don't think I'm just being an Obama partisan on this. Case in point is the whole Canada/NAFTA business: right before the primary in Ohio, a story came out about an Obama aide telling Canadian officials that his criticism of NAFTA was just campaign rhetoric. Turns out that the aide in question denies saying anything of the sort, and the Canadian government corroborates that. Then it turns out someone in the Clinton Campaign did exactly what Obama's campaign was accused of doing.

I.E. the Clinton campaign has very little in the way of principles -- they will do whatever they can to tear Obama down, because for them winning is everything. It would be more honest if they just hired people to shoot at him -- instead they distort his position and records in weaselly political-speak, and act like they're not being the amoral hacks they so obviously are.

I have the sense with Obama that he doesn't want to go dirty with Clinton. I sure hope that's not the reason he loses the nomination. Like I said yesterday, he needs to call bullshit on the Clinton campaign wherever it occurs. He needs to make his positive case more forcefully, but he needs to make clear what an evil con job the Clinton campaign is.
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