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Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

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What is the sure fire thing [Mar. 26th, 2008|01:02 pm]
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!
Something I discovered while DJing -- there are tracks that I like, tracks I liked well enough to buy the record, but their affect on a dancefloor is all out of proportion to my judgement of how good the track is. A perfect example is Giorgio Moroder's "The Chase," especially the DJ Sneak remix.

In a completely different venue -- I tend to wear the same clothes I wore in 1965 when I was 8 years old -- jeans, T shirt and what we used to call 'tennis shoes.' The difference between now and then is that T shirts have acquired color and printed designs, something rather thin on the ground in 1965. In 1965 T Shirts were white, and primarily considered underwear unless you were pre-pubescent or worked a trade.

I have 2 T Shirts that get a lot of immediate, verbal, positive reactions from strangers: One says "The Last Poets" which I bought from a genuine Last Poet when they spoke and performed in Iowa City. I've had people stop me to comment in Iowa City, New York City, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris.

The other is an "Underdog" T Shirt, featuring said cartoon character. This T Shirt was acquired at a thrift store by my wife, and rejected by my kids before I started wearing it.

Now I love the Last Poets, and I have a certain fondness for Underdog. But why do these 2 T shirts move complete strangers to break the usual silence of the crowd? Beats me!

[User Picture]From: mkb_technologie
2008-03-26 06:42 pm (UTC)
underdog is yet another classic cartoon chewed up and destroyed by the kids' entertainment industrial complex. more reason for solidarity.

my cousin wrote and performed a 4 tuba arrangement of the underdog theme for his mom (a big underdog fan) for his junior recital
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[User Picture]From: angryrobot
2008-03-27 05:30 am (UTC)

sushi over death?

The one I have that gets the most response looks like this:


I have no idea what it means nor do I remember where I got it, but it always gets someone to come up and ask about it. Which is why i dont wear it very often.
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