Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

I am a tard

So after my last post, from the flying J in Bumfuck PA, we got back on the freeway, Sean put in the Bob Dylan Live CD, and we had a fine time listening to that and discussing the relative merits of various Bob Dylan records, driving through the night on I80 in PA... since I80 through PA is in the middle of nowhere, your only visual cues are the lines on the road, and there aren't even very many exits ...

What I realized finally when I started seeing signs for the Delaware Water Gap, was that I'd gotten on going the wrong direction, and that I was about 30 miles from the New Jersey Border, where we'd been roughly 3 hours before. So I snuck through a State Patrol turnaround (can't even imagine what the PA Patrol would do to you if they caught you doing that) and headed back the other direction. I'd gone about 100 miles the wrong way, adding 3 hours to a 17 hour drive.

Now anyone who has done the I80 run west will tell you that there are two un-fucking-believably long tedious states to pass through -- Pennsylvania and Nebraska. I managed to take the usual 5-plus hour trip and turn it into 8 hours. There is no way to describe how deeply stupid I felt when I started back the right direction -- you'll have to use your powers of imagination.

So Sean and I traded off driving. For an 18 year old he's not a horrible driver; but he does several things that drive me nuts -- 1) veering to the edge of the lane when he's changing CDs 2) React about 5 seconds later than I would when someone in front of him hits the brakes. 3) habitually ride about one car length too close to the car in front of him. Luckily I was too tired to stress on this when he took over at 4AM driving in PA... but on the Taconic Parkway in New York I think I was pegging my pulse rate. The Taconic is a very picturesque ride, but the road itself is made ridiculously hazardous by having a CURB on both sides of the road, and no gravel shoulder. So it's possible to ride one side of the car up over this curb, at which point the wheel hits soft ground. I imagine someone rolls an SUV on that road at least once a week.

Coming into NYC we discovered another benefit of the curbed-roadway: when it rains, the water has to escape the roadway through drains placed every 20 yards or so. Or rather, in a heavy rain, the water pools on the road so that cars put up a gigantic rooster-tail. Some genius in a VW Beetle passed us on the right and for about 5 seconds visibility was zero, always a relaxing experience when you're going 50 mph.

As for my impressions of the event that occasioned this road trip -- my brother Ian's Wedding -- I'll write about it when I think of something of general interest to say about it. Executive Summary: I wish Ian & Tessa all happiness, and I had fun, and being in a suit when it's hot and humid for 7 hours is a nasty experience.
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