Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

The Yoot of Today

I was loading some stuff in the car at the hardware store, and happened to look up and see a guy on a bicycle wipe out at the street corner. First, I thought 'that looks like Lucas.' Then I thought 'it IS Lucas!' So I went over to help him out. He got the chain jammed between the rear gears and the frame...

A few things about this experience kind of boggled my mind.

1. No helmet. We have helmets. He knows where they are. He knows that I have had a concussion from riding without a helmet. He still wears no helmet.

2. He's face down in an intersection, what's the first thing he does? Put his earphones back on.

3. He's wearing jeans rolled up to mid-ankle, Merrill sandals, a hot pink T Shirt with a silly graphic on the front of it. He's got scrapes oozing a little blood on both forearms. I ask him where he's going and he says "I'm going to apply for a job."

He's 19 years old, and I want him to figure out shit for himself as much as possible, but he's kind of driving me nuts. Things like wearing shoes and socks to job interviews for instance.
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