Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

youtube orgy

Since someone stole Ian Curtis' headstone, and a Boing Boing post showed the first of these videos, I started looking at different versions of the song on Youtube. These are the most interesting, with several laughable ones towards the bottom.

Apparently a recent video done for the BBC by Jonathan Beamish. It uses the Peel Sessions Version and various video sources, including the original video...

New Order covers it live on TV. Everyone says Barney can't sing very well, this shows he's pretty half ass on guitar as well, especially when he's singing.

Arcade Fire & U2. I know -- WTF? Better than you'd think.

Swans -- this is the version I heard on College Radio a lot back in the day.

Nouvelle Vague. Oh adorable French girls, will you ever stop breaking my heart?

Oh Crap, it's Vampyrouss! I won't say anything except wait for the vocals to come in. Oh my freaking Jesus Lord!

Don't know who the singer is on this -- but what could be better than mashing up Gone With The Wind in an overly literal interpretation of the lyrics? Well a lot of things, but I'm just sayin...

As soon as I find my shirt I'll figure out how to set the camera up properly!

And last and probably least -- a teenage girl sitting on her bed playing guitar. She's actually kinda great until you realize she doesn't actually know the correct chord changes.

A tangential note, Gen P Orridge in a pretty ridiculous interview, claimed to be the last person to talk to Ian Curtis, and that he knew Ian was going to top himself, because he sang Gen one of Gen's songs. The man is a ridiculous liar -- a ridiculous lying man with boobs. And he looks like Joanna Lumley on Absolutely Fabulous.
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