Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!


I am playing a live set on Thursday night so I'm trying to come up with some stuff to do. I sat down this morning and whipped this out.

It's pretty simple: a bassline (juno60) pad(juno60) drums (Impulse with Goldbaby samples) and guitar. I use Audio Damage Dubstation16 on an effect send with the standard 1/4 triplet dub delay.

The guitar is my Ibanez acoustic/electric nylon string, through a little Peavey tube amp, but using a public address horn for the speaker instead of a cabinet. I use a Shure Beta 87A (which Thom Yorke used at a friend's studio in LA) into an Art Tube MP. The cool thing about that guitar is that A) it has 3 band tone control and volume on the side, and it feeds back even at very moderate volume levels in a very controllable way.

The PA Horn speaker is something Lucas found at University Surplus. It has a sticker on it that says "Electronic Game Calls Wisconsin Rapids Wis" -- so it predates 2-letter state name abbreviations.
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