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Yow... thank you ITunes for the Statistics

According to ITunes I've added 22.2 hours of tracks to ITunes since September 1. Some of these adds were review CDs, but the bulk was bought on Boomkat, Juno, and Beatport.

Acid Junkies "Crane Dance EP" -- new dirty old school rave style house music.
Analog Fingerprints "Tribute" -- Italo/Techno/late 80's house tribute.
Arne Weinberg "Nebula Trap" -- Nicely analog, Detroity, reminds me of Kirk Degiorgio
Beat Pharmacy "Mental Universe" -- Dubstep with a very strong old school dub reggae feel
The Black Dog "Train By The Autobahn" -- Black Dog electronic broken beat with 2 killer Rob Hood Remixes, + Bass Soldier's dubstep mix.
Daedelus "Denies The Day's Demise" -- a 2006 album from the used bin. Guy's off his nut, in a good way.
Deepchord "Vantage Isle Sessions" -- I can't help myself -- Deepchord & Echospace are still killing it by extending and expanding the whole idea of dub techno -- I've bought HOURS of music by these guys... comes in a package with a 12(!) remixes that are almost entirely different from the original.
Detroit Beatdown Volume 2 -- Detroit Beatdown is basically slowed down chill instrumental house music that's purely awesome.
DJ Mujava "Township Funk" -- Crazy ass bare drums and bass style dance workout by South African up and comer, just licensed by Warp.
Duke Spook "Dead Weight EP" -- atmospheric dub step. There are a ton of shit dubstep records out there and I listen to a lot of them and pick out the stuff that makes me feel all wiggly.
DXR 1 & 2 - absolutely fabulous housey stuff with great Italo style synths from Remy Verheijen.
Echospace "OBMX EP" -- Did I mention I like those guys?
Gucci Soundsystem "ACarpenter" -- The DFA guy's Death From Abroad sublabel is picking up some great european house/techno whatever. Raw analog dance madness.
I: "Wide Road" -- more dub techno.
Intrusion "Intrusion/Reflection" -- even more dub techno from Echospace[detroit]
Knowing Looks -- "Uzbekistan Love" minimal techno I guess, but not the boring stuff
Loscil -- "Triple Point" -- more moody stuff, spacious, bass heavy.
Louis Haiman -- "Live After People" -- brilliant album of chill melodic tempo look here -- you might be able to download it free from Louis himself!
Luca Bacchetti "Human EP" -- more non-boring minimal. One of my favorite current subgenres -- basically minimal techno with crazy-ass electro-acoustic music floating over the tom.
Mock and Toof "K-Choppers" -- more Death From Abroad stuff, bad-ass slow disco-house.
Model 500 "Starlight" -- a great Juan Atkins track with 9 remixes by the Deepchord/Echospace boys, Sean Deason, Convextion, and Mike Huckaby.
Morgan Geist "Detroit EP" -- Morgan does his patented squeaky clean disco/techno/pop stuff, with 2 decent Carl Craig remixes.
Move D & Benjamin Brunn -- an old favorite does some nice work on these floaty jazzy numbers.
Mr. G "My Crazy Neighbors" -- new record, but I don't know if it's by the UK "Mr G" or mike grant himself. Stompy slow detroit house groover.
Neurotron "Persistance of memories" -- new Eevonext release, stripped down techno
Philippe Cam "Somewhere Between Here And There" -- left field stuff from Musique Risquee, with Deadbeat and Akufen remixes.
Ron Trent/Ital Foods "Dub Life/Space Is The Place" -- Ron Trent's dub techno identity. You can imagine!
Shawn Rudiman "Machine Soul Terminal" -- newish techno release from an old friend.
Syclops "I've got my eye on you" Maurice Fulton has been around forever, at the crazy edge of house music -- this album is keerazy and crazy good.
Thandiswa -- Kwanele An African singer does a great vocal house track with both contemporary R&B and African feel.

Phew! I'm going to have fun piecing together a DJ mix out of it all -- Dubby techno, Dubby house, left field house, interesting minimal techno, straight up banging (but tasteful) techno, dreamy Detroit style house ....
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