Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Some random political thoughts

1. So John McCain doesn't think 'throwing money at the problem' would fix education. What evidence does he have that anyone ever 'threw money' at education, and that it didn't work? Does he know that many school teachers spend their OWN MONEY on things they think they need for their classrooms? Like A LOT? Does he think that paying teachers 2/3rd what they might earn in the private sector keeps the best teachers in the classroom?

While I have issues with the public schools, they built this country, and they're chronically underfunded, even in the best school districts. Anyone saying otherwise, or talking about how giving people money to put their kids in private schools is going to save education, is full of shit. What it looks like to me is that conservatives want a two track system, where people with money can put their kids in private school, and everyone else can go fuck themselves.

And this is already the system now in a lot of places. My mom tried to keep my younger sibs in the Norfolk public schools, but they were so awful, she ended up sending them to private schools, so they wouldn't get beat up and they'd learn something. This was 20 years or more ago, but I can't imagine things have gotten better there. We're lucky to live where we live, because the public schools are actually decent.

2. Maybe a corollary to problems with education, apparently a significant minority of this country believe all sorts of bullshit that just isn't so. What the hell can we do about that? They're constitutionally entitled to be completely full of shit, no doubt. But is there any way to enlighten some of those people? I am simply gobsmacked at the ignorance shown by people at Republican rallies. And that isn't just cherry picking to find the wingnuts; I KNOW lots of people like that -- I'm related to a whole passel of them. Sure I'd like to whack with a shoe anyone I hear saying "Obama is a Muslim," but I don't think that's a good way to win friends and influence people.

3. What is going to happen if the Democrats win both houses of Congress and the Presidency? Between 1980 to the present (with a slight respite 1992-2000) the Republicans have devoted their considerable talents and energies to turning the United States into a Banana Republic. Given the vagaries of politics even in the best of times, is it even possible for the Democrats to fix what's left of the United States? Do enough Democrats even have the drive and moral sense to try?

As a (relatively) old geezer, I have a hard time shaking the feeling that the world is inexorably circling the drain. As Rachel Maddow says, somebody talk me down!
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