Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Live 8 Upgrade Pricing Curiosity

Those of you who are into the techno disco music are probably interested in the new Ableton Live 8. The new features look worthwhile, and the upgrade is nearly irresitable, particular with the promise of the Max integration, which is a brilliant idea. Particular since Live does all then things that are particularly painful to do in Max.

But there's a curious thing going on with the upgrade pricing. Upgrading Live 7 to Live 8 will be $189. Upgrading to Live 8 Suite from regular Live (i.e. getting all the software instruments that aren't bundled in the Live program) will be $349. Plus, registered Live users got a $30 Coupon Code via E-mail.

This means getting Live 8 Suite will cost me exactly what upgrading Live 7 to Live 7 Suite would cost. Assuming I want Suite -- which I do -- that means the Live 8 update is free if you upgrade to Live Suite.

Plus, the incremental cost of the Live 8 upgrade versus the Live 8 Suite upgrade is only $130, which, assuming you can afford to do the update to 8, makes it silly not to upgrade to the Suite.

So... it would seem they really want their registered users to jump to Suite.
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