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Things to read in the Sunday Times

The New York Times has become an almost universal media punching bag for both the right and the left. But it doesn’t mean they don’t publish some of the best stories in any newspaper anywhere. I have my qualms about the paper — I think that they have never properly covered what I call vernacular art music* — if you don’t look at the Times, you’re missing out. This weekend, in the Arts section alone.

There are hours of recordings of Thelonius Monk working with arranger Hall Overton on the arrangements for his historic Town Hall concert. What could be more marvelous than that?

Renaldo Kuhler, a scientific illustrator, has spent more than 50 years creating and illustrating his own private world.

A documentary with philosophers talking philosophy, that I totally want to see. On my brother’s blog, he had a guest post from philosophy professor Jack Russell Weinstein, about his new radio show about philosophy. While I am fascinated by philosophy and philosophical questions, I have no patience for reading philosophy, so any time I’m able to hear philosophers speak in the vernacular, I love it.

*vernacular art music is any music that is outside both the commercial and academic music worlds. It comprises most popular electronic music, noise, acoustic music inspired by traditional folk, atypical rock, inspired amateurs. It’s where real people listen to real music.

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