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Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

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Good Free Music — Wilkin’s Mop [Mar. 10th, 2009|05:51 pm]
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Wilkin’s Mop is a project of former Iowa City Producer Mike Jedlicka and drummer Nathan Carver Smith. They have an unusual production method that combines live drumming, live looping, live looping of live drumming, and overdubs by a variety of guest musicians.

I always thought Mike had a good ear for production, and I especially liked that he follows his own muse in the music he creates and DJs — he stuck with Downtempo and chill IDM when everyone else moved on to the next flavor of the month. His weekly Internet radio show reflects what devotion to a style of music can be.

Wilkin’s Mop reminds me a bit of Jaga Jazzist. Though JJ is a (mostly) live band, and Wilkin’s Mop is a studio assemblage, they share an ear for melody and a commitment to rhythmic exploration.
Wilkin's Mop Album Art

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