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Thanks to Ronnie from Rekkerd.org for the tip — you can now move forwards and backwards in time in my blog. I will at some point replace the text tags with images, Preferably pointing skeleton hand with flaming torches.

It points up something a little annoying about Wordpress. The entry on post_nav_link neglects to say “oh this would go here in this file, most of the time, here’s what it will look like.” It’s one of those things where you can’t really understand what the fuck is going on in the wordpress codebase until you understand a large percentage of what’s going on.

A lot of things are like that — learning to build applications on Windows or Mac, OpenGL, Tcl, Qt, etc. But WordPress isn’t supposed to be MS Comp Sci Hackerish stuff — anyone should be able to use it. At this point I can’t update the theme I’m using because I hacked on it to get the image in my header, and change colors. If I upgrade my theme, any customizations I’ve made will be gone.

In order to NOT lose my customizations I’ll have to try and find the stock code for the version I’m using, do a diff on it, install the new version, and then reapply the changes. This is doable, but it’s the sort of low level, detail-oriented code-gardening that takes up my time at the day job. I hate doing it when I’m not being paid to do it.

I’m not whining, mind you, I’m just saying that WordPress is in dire need of a WYSIWYG theme editor, or the themes need to have customization panels that are easy to use. Otherwise they’re just going to drive people nuts. The best thing about WordPress imho is that it isn’t Blogger.

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Tags: computers, human factors, word press
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