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You can pre-order Windows 7 upgrades 1/2 price right now, which is kind of a good deal. If you don’t need a 64-bit OS right effing now, you’ll never get a better deal.

What I don’t get is this:”There are a limited number of copies available. The offer will end when they’re gone, or July 11—whichever comes first.”

So Microsoft is saying that something digital and infinitely copyable is limited? That’s absurd. Beyond that they’re saying there’s a limited quantity of something that doesn’t exist yet. Maybe I’m being curmudgeonly, but it would be more accurate to say “We will only sell a limited number of copies at this price.” or “we will only honor this price until July 11th.”

But unless Microsoft actually says “We’re only selling X number” and sticks to it, I think they’re lying. I think this is nothing more than a marketing ploy to gauge interest in the new release. Why would they leave money on the table, if people are willing to buy right now? And if their concern is that this pre-order promotion might cannibalize future sales, then maybe they shouldn’t have made the offer at all.

Besides which, the number of people buying a retail OS upgrade is a rounding error with respect to their OS sales. Nearly all Microsoft OS are pre-installed on new computers, and only the geekiest among us ever install a new OS, let alone pay for it. They can’t even get a lot of people to update their current system to fix security problems.

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