Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Leaf To Uvula Musk? Lip Pear Pinky Negus!

I was going thru my spam folder looking for false positives, and came on a message that was (of course) a come-on for erectile dysfunction pills, that had one essential difference: Not only was it spam poetry, they actually broke it up into poetry-like lines:

grim whirl yore mesh!
unpin to leaf.
lain view bout emir.
nosey pear lain.
hoar buyer.
tinny elfin erst leaf.
slim lama.
leaf to uvula musk?
to basal loud full.
erst volet.
uhlan regie.
smirk brad kick pinky?
up softy scute lung?
pshaw smirk dine scute.
twain pear fecit.
hoar knee gauss elfin.
march dotty.
bar frizz hoar dour?
lip pear pinky swish!
fetal felly pinky negus!
pear axial mesh slot.
trill toils view emir?
shelf hue tammy.
bar grin gleam.

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Tags: silly shit
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