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Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Windows 7, the upgrade conundrum…

So way back when a friend who worked pretty high up at Microsoft signed me up as a Windows beta tester, something I never really took seriously once I realized what a PITA Vista was. But it did have it’s benefits — I was a Windows 7 Beta Tester as well, something I didn’t do anything with.

At any rate, now that I want to put Windows 7 on a new machine, I can get a legit copy of the RC build and get going with it.

The unfortunate thing is that when my commercial copy of 7 arrives in October, it will want a fresh install. I was going to put XP on and then do a fresh install, but now there’s no reason not to put 7 on.

As someone who in the past has had OK luck with doing Microsoft upgrade installs, this is a little annoying, especially since my ‘working set’ of software takes several hours to install.

What I’m hoping is that some clever person figures out how to circumvent this baloney somehow. Theoretically the RC I downloaded is no different than the release version that will arrive in October on DVD. If that’s the case all that would really have to happen is to get rid of the expiration timebomb, change the version information down in Window’s guts, and brand it with the new activation code.

Or maybe I’ll just put XP SP3 on. I already made a DVD of XP with the service pack and all the drivers slipstreamed in.

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