Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Family Reunion

This was kind of a rough family reunion, what with my cousin’s son dying 2 weeks before the reunion. It was mostly what a reunion should be, modulo occasional breakouts of tears, though I think it was net positive for my cousin, because grief shared is a little easier.

My favorite moment was pretty much entirely inappropriate. I was talking to my cousin’s husband and said “I’ve known J_ all her life. I used to change her diapers.” He replied “you saw my wife naked before I did?” and without thinking I said “yeah, but she had poop all over her butt.”

Fun facts from the Worsley reunion:

  1. 2nd cousin once removed Sven, 11, made his comedy debut at the talent show, and he was so uncomfortable and covered in flop sweat, it was like Albert Brooks wrote a routine for Andy Kaufman.
  2. 2nd cousin (o.r.) Hunter is going to be a huge pop star. She’s 14, beautiful, sings like an angel, and is a born performer.
  3. Cousin Melissa is Toodee on Yo Gabba Gabba! How cool is that?
  4. If you’re not used to riding horses, cantering kinda smarts in the nether regions.


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