Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

I wonder how many bytes of storage, and megabytes of net bandwidth have been spilled over the release of the new Star Wars movie. zzzz. I might go see it this week if my kids are down. But I promise not to review it. What's the point?

The whole 'OTAKU' phenomenon is kind of disturbing -- Star Wars, Star Trek, Beanie Babies, Minuature Radio Controlled Tractor Pulls, Rennaissance Fair Geeks -- for any possible pre-occupation, there is out there some rag tag gang of people for whom it is a reason for being. Looking at some of the Analogue Synth meeting pics on the net, and I can see those people in pinstripe overalls and kerchiefs around their necks, running model trains round and round a diorama in their basements ...

And it's all the more disturbing because I'm certainly not immune. There was about a 5 year period in my teens when I was absolutely fascinated and obsessed by the.
Firesign Theatre. And I'm a lifelong Science Fiction reader and Philip K Dick fan. But I've always been kind of repulsed by Otaku-fans of any ilk.

Of course I'm going to the Techno-Otaku convention to end all DEMF. So that's my discreeet object of desire ro now. And there will certainly be an army of pasty-faced middle aged white guys like me there. They're my friends! So I might as well learn to love it. And hey I've got a corner in my basement that's PERFECT for a model railway setup. Maybe I could build one on a star wars theme...
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