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My “Wallshaker” DJ Mix

Aaron-Carl of Detroit isn’t just a good house producer and vocalist, he’s also a guy who gets shit done. And one of his latest projects is a compilation of new tracks from Detroit artists, the Preservation: Past, Present, Future. He got some of my favorite Detroit producers (and some of my favorite people!) to contribute tracks, and none of them threw in anything sub-par. It’s a testament to the depth of talent Detroit posseses.

At any rate, I bought the download version, and threw together this mix the day he announced it. Aaron featured it on his Internet radio show last week, and now you can listen/download it here. I strongly encourage you to buy a copy!

Track list:

W.A.R.M.T.H INTRO (Feat. DJ Mourad and Jevon Justin) Aaron-Carl
Your Club Went Hollywood Santiago Salazar
Waiting On a Third Chance Gary Martin
Hiding In Your Love(The Marvelous Light Vocal Mix) Terrence Parker Feat. Coco Street
Seasons Alton Miller
Dropping things(Interlude) Detroit People Mover
4 Types of People Scan 7 Feat. Aaron-Carl
Face Orlando Voorn
A Moment In Time Myles Serge
Karen’s Groove Trench
Cultural Variance DJ Bone
De Las Cenizas Los Hermanos
Tenacity Scan 7
Intergalactic Funk DJ Nasty

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