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KRUI DJ Set 2011-04-28

Once more into the breach: stitching together something from various styles of music…

Radiohead — for those who bought King Of Limbs they sent out e-mails about a free download of 2 songs “Supercollider” & “The Butcher.” If you pay attention to the whinging class King Of Limbs sucked, but to them I suggest they go listen to Weezer or something. For those of us who love electronic music, Radiohead has been trying nothing less than to make art songs with one of the best live bands in the world, using all the tools of electronic music producers. It’s some 4th or 5th category, and if your’e not enjoying it, you’re not really listening.

Burial — talk about 4th or 5th Category, Burial is his own genre. Massively influential over the past couple years, his morose, introverted, wistfully vague assemblage of house music and audio detritus never fail to kill me. I play all 3 tracks of his new record.

Kode 9 & Space Ape — dropping a new album of (again with the categories) uncategorizable illness. I have a hard time with hip hop any more — it’s either coke-dealing fake-hard, po-faced backpack, or artistically bankrupt commersh. These guys are what I wish hip hop was again — moody storytelling with evil, deep beats.

Atropolis — Atropolis is a guy from Queens, which is perhaps the most racially and culturally diverse urban community on the planet, and he seems to jam it all in the blender and come up with badass pan-human party music. The tracks I chose mash up Soca with Kwaito, with some distorted MBira a la Konono #9. Sweetness.

Addison Groove — the next ‘next big thing’ — especially if you’re Planet Mu’s label-head/IDM legend Mike Paradinas is the Footwork/Juke sound coming out of Chicago. I’ve not yet jumped on the bandwagon with Juke music, but guys like Addison Groove take some of that Chicago flavor to mess up their UK-based post-whatever grooves. Addison Groove put out a couple of tracks I feature here that have some of that frenetic Chicago ghetto energy.

Area/Lightness — my friend Max from Chicago who is one of the people re-mutating Dub Techno, without sounding like the 923rd remake of Phylps Track II.

David Powers + Max Jacobson — David sent me a 4 track demo that is going to come out on a Mexican techno label sometime soon. He’s definitely into his own brand of deepness, or deep weirdness. Going from sampling Sheila E and Hall & Oates, to dropping in little atonal jazz keyboard squiggles over jacking beats … he’s probably the most traditionally musical house producer I know, in addition to being scary smart and emotionally unstable. He’s everything you could ask for in a 21st Century dance music producer.

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<td>Burial</td> <td>Street Halo</td>
Antena Camino Del Sol
Radiohead SuperCollider
Burial NYC
Gatto Fritto The Invisible College
Burial Stolen Dog
BoxCutter Zabriskie Disco
Radiohead The Butcher
David Powers + Max Jacobson Sheila Don’t Love Me
Rick The Godson Wilhite Blame It On The Boogie
David Powers + Max Jacobsen Feel It
Area Bed Vertigo
Lightness Burning Mercury(Metal)
Julio Bashmore Father Father
Jace Syntax Jackin Around
Soultek AnalogueHeart
Owiny Signome Band Wires(Theo Parrish Remix)
Kode9 & The Space Ape Love Is The Drug
Graceful Exit Revolve Disco
Atropolis Mbira Funk
Addison Groove Make Em Bounce
Chaircrusher Baile Pedro Baile
Atroplis Feat. Anbule Som Sista
Addison Groove This Is It
Terror Danjah Zumpi Hunter RIP
Alfie Treatment
Spatial 70810
Kode 9 & The Space Ape Am I
Kode 9 & The Space Ape Black Smoke
Kode 9 & The Space Ape Promise

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Tags: atropolis, burial, david powers, dj mix, krui, radiohead, spatial
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