Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!


Melissa (my wife) has a store that sells used clothing on consignment. Over the past few years, selling and renting costumes has become a big part of her business. So she had the idea this year of being in the University of Iowa Homecoming Parade as a way of promoting her store. So she got about 50 people to dress up in costumes from her store and walk in the parade.

I drew the Sully from "Monsters Inc." Suit. .

I discovered something really strange. The suit itself has charisma. Little kids wanted hugs. Anyone under 2 years is scared to death of it. And even though I was initially embarassed to even be wearing the damn thing in public, I soon lost my head and was acting a complete ass. Dancing, yelling at the crowd, hugging kids, giving people high fives.

One adult guy even wanted a hug. He had a George W Bush sticker on his shirt, so I gave him a hug and said "George Bush Sucks" and then ran away. No idea what he made of that.

At the end of the parade I was soaked in sweat and panting like an old man with emphysema. I'd walked about a mile as the crow flies but actually went about twice that with running back and forth. The suit is all synthetic, and every time I'd move, a puff of hot, moist air would whoosh out around my chin.

Do I now want to make a habit of wearing a ridiculous costume and act likean idiot? No. But now I know The Power Of The Suit.
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