Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

random music consumer observations

1. Al Green's new album: The voice is still there, the productions and arrangements are great, but the songs have yet to grab me the way some of his old stuff does. I was always a fan mostly of the super-bare arrangements like "Love And Happiness." I'd advise if you don't have the originals on vinyl or CD to grab the box set "Love and Happiness

2. Syd Barrett -- Pink Floyd stopped being relevant to me once Syd left. I'd never really heard much of his solo stuff, because it was always spottily available anyplace I happened to be. Thanks to Le Interwebbe I grabbed a bunch of tracks off his 2 albums. It's lovely, off-kilter and ; all my listening to ambient music makes it easier to enjoy meandering, incomplete stuff like this more.

3. You can spend $500 on a 40 gig ipod, or you can get something like what I got for Christmas: A good MP3 CD player, which is $60. The iPod shows you track and album names, and plays games, yadda yadda. The Panasonic costs way less when you break it. It also has enough antishock memory in it that jogging with it is practical. And it has an AM/FM radio. THANKS SEAN & JORDANA.

Yes we got my kids both iPods for Xmas and yes they love them and carry them with them at all times. They're nice, they're well designed, reliable, etc. It still irks me to give Steve Jobs any money. He's a smarmy twat, and Apple since he came back has been more about his ego than advancing the state of the art in any useful way.
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