Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!


(chat1/.): casting started for hitchhikers guide to the galaxy movie
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): kevin costner is directing
(chat3/house.is.mine): with jim carrey as ford prefect
(chat4/tekoki): waterworld II
(chat4/tekoki): return of the water
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): haha
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): EVEN WETTER

(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): /u
(chat3/house.is.mine): !f6
(chat4/tekoki): this time it's water
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): haha
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): RISE OF THE FLOOD
(chat4/tekoki): the empire drinks water
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): chat4 is clobbering me
(chat3/house.is.mine): f6
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): DUMB AND WETTER
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): /u
(chat4/tekoki): wetterer?
(chat3/house.is.mine): chat4 gets the points
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): agreed
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): WETS WITH WOLVES
(chat4/tekoki): back to the water
(chat3/house.is.mine): WATERWORLD II: DRAINAGE DAY
(chat4/tekoki): haha wets
(chat4/tekoki): rise of the water
(chat3/house.is.mine): WATRIX REMOISTENED
(chat4/tekoki): haha
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): lol
(chat4/tekoki): bull water
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): THE 2 FLOWERS (that need watering)
(chat4/tekoki): haha
(chat3/house.is.mine): heh
(chat4/tekoki): the wet water project
(chat3/house.is.mine): WI: WATERFICIAL INTELLIWETS
(chat3/house.is.mine): no idea
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): haha
(chat4/tekoki): indiana jones and the bottle of water
(luna/happyfuntimeactiongogogo!): mm brithday cake
(chat3/house.is.mine): EYES WIDE WET
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): lol bottle
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): WATERWORKS ORANGE
(chat4/tekoki): 2004: a water odyssey
(chat3/house.is.mine): MAD MAX BEYOND WETDOME
(chat4/tekoki): f6
(chat3/house.is.mine): THE ROAD WETTER
(chat4/tekoki): firewater
(chat4/tekoki): water business?
(chat4/tekoki): (risky)
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): wet science
(chat4/tekoki): hee
(chat3/house.is.mine): WET TIME AT BERNIE'S
(chat4/tekoki): pretty in water
(chat3/house.is.mine): some kind of wetterful
(chat4/tekoki): dangerous waters
(chat3/house.is.mine): wet club
(chat4/tekoki): W
(chat4/tekoki): (m)
(chat3/house.is.mine): (or z)
(chat3/house.is.mine): the throne of water
(luna/happyfuntimeactiongogogo!): what the
(chat4/tekoki): the last water
(chat3/house.is.mine): (blood)
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): 7 scuba divers
(chat4/tekoki): haha
(chat3/house.is.mine): yowetbo
(chat3/house.is.mine): /u
(chat4/tekoki): spirited a-water
(chat4/tekoki): the water who fell to earth
(chat3/house.is.mine): the day the earth got wet
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): who framed water rabbit
(chat4/tekoki): the last temptation of water
(chat4/tekoki): lol rabbit
(chat3/house.is.mine): the wettfather
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): quest for the holy water
(chat4/tekoki): american water
(chat3/house.is.mine): moistened tiger, hidden lagoon
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): I saw what you wet last summer
(chat3/house.is.mine): ew
(chat3/house.is.mine): whos afraid of virginia wet
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): the man with the wet gun
(chat4/tekoki): wet window
(chat3/house.is.mine): rain man
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): haha
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): unfair
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): liquid dreams
(chat4/tekoki): the day stella got her water back
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): lol
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): ghost water
(chat3/house.is.mine): weshtar
(chat4/tekoki): bullwater
(chat4/tekoki): did i do that already?
(chat4/tekoki): dammit
(chat3/house.is.mine): flag on the play?
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): look whose wetting
(chat3/house.is.mine): who
** chat2 mirror **
(chat3/house.is.mine): dammit
(chat4/tekoki): waterbusters
(chat3/house.is.mine): monty python's the moistening of life
(chat4/tekoki): the waters of madison county
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): the sop(ping wet)ranos
(chat3/house.is.mine): a river runs through water
(chat4/tekoki): hee
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): 6 feet under water
(chat4/tekoki): six waters and a funeral
(chat1/.): you guys are weird
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): bjork wet!
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): (live)
(chat4/tekoki): heh
(chat4/tekoki): i would watch that
(chat3/house.is.mine): the man with one wet shoe
(chat4/tekoki): girls gone water
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): boatwatching
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): errboatspotting
(chat3/house.is.mine): good will dunking
(chat4/tekoki): lol
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): haha
(chat4/tekoki): gargly (water)
(chat4/tekoki): (gigli)
(chat3/house.is.mine): oh ok
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): haha
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): big fish
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): The Last Sushi Chef
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): (samurai)
(chat3/house.is.mine): spill bill
(chat3/house.is.mine): (vol 1)
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): haha
(chat4/tekoki): pulp fishton
(chat4/tekoki): fishballs II
(chat4/tekoki): ?
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): Reservoir Dogs
(chat3/house.is.mine): haha
(chat4/tekoki): dr. strangewater
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): haha fishton
(chat3/house.is.mine): the 5000 sips of dr t
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): Wetropolis
(chat4/tekoki): i would watch that too
(chat3/house.is.mine): pandora's box of water
(chat4/tekoki): until the end of the water
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): Wetfast at tiffnays
(chat3/house.is.mine): f6
(chat3/house.is.mine): or 7
(chat4/tekoki): goldwater
(luna/happyfuntimeactiongogogo!): url of hitchikers cast
(chat3/house.is.mine): gentleman prefer wettes
(chat4/tekoki): i dunno but john iv rossi better be in it
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): When harry Wet Sally
(chat3/house.is.mine): lol
(chat4/tekoki): team wetlay
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): The Night we Never Wet
(chat4/tekoki): mystic water
(luna/happyfuntimeactiongogogo!): hmm
(chat4/tekoki): pretty water!
(luna/happyfuntimeactiongogogo!): is jim carrey really a ford prefect?
(chat4/tekoki): the water guy
(chat3/house.is.mine): no i made that up
(chat4/tekoki): ace ventura pet water
(luna/happyfuntimeactiongogogo!): damnit
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): The Mawetstic
(chat4/tekoki): whew
(chat3/house.is.mine): austin hydroelectric powers
(chat4/tekoki): one hour moisten
(chat4/tekoki): goodwaters
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): Bad Buoys
(chat4/tekoki): lol
(chat3/house.is.mine): haha
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): Buoys in the Hood?
(chat4/tekoki): easy wetter
(luna/happyfuntimeactiongogogo!): sea biscuit?
(luna/happyfuntimeactiongogogo!): :P
(chat4/tekoki): new jack moisture
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): haha
(chat3/house.is.mine): ew
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): Pandora's Dock
(chat1/.): like water for chocolate?
(chat1/.): (water)
(chat4/tekoki): while you were watering
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): You've Got Sail
(chat3/house.is.mine): she's otter have it
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): haha
(chat3/house.is.mine): i apologize for that one
(chat4/tekoki): much ado about water
(chat4/tekoki): splash?
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): doh
(chat3/house.is.mine): north by northwet
(chat4/tekoki): on golden pond
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): err
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): Ernest goes to Damp
(chat4/tekoki): lol
(chat3/house.is.mine): wet window
(chat3/house.is.mine): lol damp
(chat3/house.is.mine): gorillas in the moist
(chat4/tekoki): big momma's wet
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): err
(chat4/tekoki): bringin down the wet
(chat3/house.is.mine): throw momma from the boat
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): boats, boats and boats
(chat4/tekoki): haha
(chat3/house.is.mine): haha
(chat3/house.is.mine): the great boat wettery
(chat3/house.is.mine): das boat
(chat4/tekoki): wet expectations
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): Some Dike it Hot
(chat3/house.is.mine): wet and wettability
(chat3/house.is.mine): lol dike
(chat3/house.is.mine): /u
(chat4/tekoki): fried green wetness
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): the dampness of king george
(chat3/house.is.mine): watery liaisons
(luna/happyfuntimeactiongogogo!): wakaranai writes "The BBC reports that the
new "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" movie will star Martin
Freeman (Tim from The Office) as Arthur Dent. According to the Internet
Movie Database filming starts early 2004, and Marvin's voice will be
Stephen Moore, reviving his role from the classic 1981 BBC TV version."
If you haven't seen The Office, it takes the subject matter Dilbert has
bored us with, and makes it utterly hysterical. This is a good bit of
casting. I'm still available to play Zaphod.
(chat4/tekoki): wetting john malkovitch
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): dude wheres my hovercraft
(chat4/tekoki): lol
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): lol hovercraft
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): dammit
(chat3/house.is.mine): is it full of eels?
(chat4/tekoki): the talented mr. wetley
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): smokey and the (not dry)landit
(chat4/tekoki): shakespeare in lake
(chat4/tekoki): heh smokey
(chat3/house.is.mine): haha
(chat3/house.is.mine): wet throat
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): err
(chat3/house.is.mine): (deep)
(chat1/.): on the waterfront
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): debbie does waterworld
(chat3/house.is.mine): haha
(chat4/tekoki): breast waters
(chat4/tekoki): (meN)
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): the wet and the furious
(chat4/tekoki): wet in 60 seconds
(chat2/peel.yer.banana.and.take.a.bite): lol
(chat3/house.is.mine): f7
(chat4/tekoki): hehe
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