Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Post NH Blues

Man, is anyone besides me kind of depressed at the thought of John Kerry as a front runner? What's the deal? John Kerry has a lackluster legislative record, and he looks like an undertaker. He's the Democratic Bob Dole. What are voters thinking? Is the fix in somewhere here? Is it just because he's the tallest guy running?

What's up with Joe Lieberman? Does he have no one around him with the guts to tell him that nobody likes him, and he's got as much chance at the nomination as Charles Manson? He was on TV yesterday babbling sentence fragments about "Joe-mentum." WTF?

A more general gripe -- does anyone really want to see an interview with a presidential candidate where every question is answered with a barely-related-to-the-question fragment of the standard stump speech? To his credit, Dean will go off message occasionally and talk like an actual human being, but everyone else reminds me of those dolls that talk when you pull a string. They squawk the same canned phrases over and over.

The only silver lining: Bush does everything wrong. Only so long Fat Carl Rove can spin that into something positive.
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